Companies - International Transfer of Employees

Our services:

HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN attorneys specialize in drafting and handling international labor, employment, visa and tax matters.  Their expertise covers about 150 countries. The attorneys at the firm are  multi-lingual, business savvy and highly skilled technicians and litigators.   

The lawyers' diverse experiences in the areas of international law, tax and administration law provide the firm's competency in these fields.

In addition to the vast collective experience of the firm´s other attorneys, Achim Heuser, the firm´s partner-in-charge, is a prolific and well-respected lawyer and author on diverse legal topics that underscore the depth and breadth of the firm’s expertise.  Among his other publications are: 'Foreign Assignment and Employment of Foreign Workers', 'Foreign Assignment of German Employees', 'The Professional Drafting of Assignment Contracts', and 'Expats in China.'

In addition, and in recognition of his expertise, Achim Heuser is a frequent speaker and invited lecturer for these matter at congresses, conventions and seminars.

The firm understands the needs of its clients and supports them worldwide as a one-stop solution for issues surrounding third country nationals (assignments that are not either originated or placed in Germany)  through partnerships with carefully vetted legal experts and other service providers, can support needs in almost 150 countries.   

Our commitment to our clients and their respective interest is unmatched. 

The communication process between firm and client is reliable and efficient with the aid of time management. The application of state-of-the-art technologies assures a personal and individual exchange.

We are here to support you attaining your desired results.  Let us put our expertise and talent to work for you.