Specialist Literature

Specialist Literature

HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN have acquired their knowledge of international employee transfer through many years of experience. We have published part of this experience. In our technical literature you will therefore find knowledge from our practical experience attractively prepared.

auslandsentsendung-und-beschaeftigung-auslaendischer-arbeitnehmer auslandsentsendung-und-beschaeftigung-auslaendischer-arbeitnehmer 4th edition (published September 2011), 393 pages Luchterhand Publishing House Authors: Heuser, Pagan Empire, Fritz The work deals comprehensibly and …

die-entsendung-von-deutschen-mitarbeitern-ins-ausland die-entsendung-von-deutschen-mitarbeitern-ins-ausland In the course of the globalization of employment relationships, the secondment of employees abroad is part of everyday business for many companies. However, the organisational effort and the …

navigating-germany navigating-germany Welcome to Germany Moving to a foreign country takes courage. Thankfully Germany has a large international community and many cities offer well-established expatriate networks. Most newcomers, however, still encounter a number of surprises in their first …

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Specialist Literature

The work deals comprehensibly and systematically with the rules of labour, social security and tax law applicable to a foreign activity.