Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Many companies require assistance with creating and maintaining process, procedures and documents to support good contracting.  While an expected profit may be written into a business case, untrained employees, poor contract management and unbalanced or underdeveloped agreements can erode expected return and may greatly increase liability and reduce goodwill in the market.  From bid requirements through final assessment of a project’s success, it is crucial for the employees and management to have clear and concise procedures and process by which to measure success.  

HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN offers companies a one-stop solution to effectively management the all important contract and procurement process based on international contract norms.  

The firm begins with an assessment of current process, procedures and policies and analyzes contracts used to effect the same.  Based on the assessment, HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN will draft suggested policies and procedures, draft commonly used contracts for the client’s particular business and once approved by the client, the firm will train client’s employees regarding the same.  HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN can also conduct annual audits of the forms, processes and procedures to make adjustments and re-train as necessary.

Our services:

  • Review of current commercial contracting procedures
  • Review of current contracts used to support commercial contracts
  • Drafting and/or updating contracts to support commercial transactions
  • Training employees and/or management of proper policies, procedures for commercial
    transactions and training on the key components of commercial contracts
  • Yearly review of the commercial contract procedure and adjustments as needed
  • Dispute and litigation support for commercial transactions

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