A foreign assignment can cause myriad issues for both the company and its employees on assignment. For example, a  typical German household enters into 70 individual contracts to cover everyday needs. The handling of these agreements can be considerably challenging for anyone, particularly expatriates who are not native speakers of the language in the country of assignment. HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN supports its clients by assisting with understanding the various agreements and advising on the best course of actions.  

In addition, for those leaving Germany for foreign assignments must also be concerned with the requirements for proper exit from Germany.  To assist the transition, the firm has developed an event checklist here for leaving Germany. For example, usually exiting employees must execute and file several declaration duties with municipal and revenue offices as well as other authorities. HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN will perform these with appropriate the power of attorney and other declarations from the client as required by the governing jurisdiction.

Our services:

  • Employment Contract Drafting
  • Social Security Issues
  • Private Insurance Coverage Issues
  • Income Tax Issues
  • Immigration Issues
  • Visa and Registration Requirements
  • Local Legal Support

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